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Average cost for wedding dress alterations is between $350-$750 (prices may vary depending on design, style and operation quantities required) you can book your wedding dress alteration appointment using our online booking system,

Average prices of wedding dress alteration for Luxury wedding dresses with major alterations such as resizing, reconstructing, Luxury (beading, lace applique), antique or custom wedding dress alteration is between $600-$1500 (We recommend a consultation appointment using our online booking system. To determine prices and successful alteration result.)

Our suggestion for appointment scheduling is 3-4 months before your event date. In cases that require alteration to be completed in 2 months or less, we offer expedited wedding dress alteration services for an additional $200 expedited service charge. Please call or contact us for expedited service availability.

Bridesmaid, Mother-of-the-bride and Mother-of-the-groom dress alteration range from $80-$120. (Please book a Bridesmaid appointment with our online booking system.)

Other alteration services –

Formal, Men’s suits, Casual Clothing, all Medium – Light Duty garments.


Please bring all accessories (undergarments, belts and shoes)

expected to be worn during the event for the first fitting.

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